At ADT Construction, our fully qualified construction team have vast experience in extension construction and take on all extension build projects in the West Yorkshire area. With first-class knowledge and skills in planning and building property extensions we can exceed customer expectations with every extension we build.

Extensions can be highly beneficial in a number of different ways. For many, the selling point for an extension build is the creation of additional living space, which can be used to suit the circumstances of any household. This is ideal for those who require extra space in their home but do not have the funds to move to a bigger house, as well as those who are revamping their home and like the idea of expanding the size of their house.

As well as being highly useful for property owners looking for additional living space, an extension can also be a great way of increasing the overall price of your property. Once an extension is built onto your home, your property will appear more desirable to outsiders. This means, if in the future you decide to put your house on the market, the increase in value will allow you to sell at a much higher cost. Therefore, not only are extension builds highly practical at the time, they can be beneficial at a later date.

If you are looking for a professional team of construction workers to undertake your extension build project in West Yorkshire, then our specialist team at ADT Construction are perfect for the job. Give us a call today on 07459026561 to discuss your extension further, for a no-obligation quote, and to start the process of your project.

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